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"Leslie is . . . marvelous . . . with much success as an excellent teacher. She is a professional flutist/teacher."

Maria Tamburrino, Principal Flute
Symphony Silicon Valley, San Jose, California

"Leslie is a talented and versatile musician as well as a natural teacher. She connects with her students on a personal level to being out the best of their abilities. My daughter has blossomed under Leslie’s tutelage and I highly recommend her."

Joan R., mother of middle school daughter

"Leslie is extremely patient, full of encouragement, and has a fun personality. She knows how to bring out the best in her students! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a flute teacher."

Pam S., mother of middle school son

"Leslie always makes me think about the music and not just the hard parts."

Jane, a high school student

"Teacher Leslie is full of energy, which makes the lessons fun!"

Kevin, middle school student

"She’s nice and helps me on the hard parts in songs."

Amanda, middle school student.

"I put my flute away after college. When I got it back out 10 years later, I was disappointed that I couldn’t play as well as I had. Leslie helped me get the 'cobwebs' out of my playing and to progress even further. I love having flute back in my life."

Cathy, an adult student

"Leslie's warm and encouraging personality, and her interest in her students as individuals, fosters a terrific learning environment. Her enthusiasm for teaching isn't confined by the boundaries of the lesson — it was obvious when I came for a lesson that Leslie had spent time between lessons thinking about how to help me work through a piece of music. Although she is an expert musician, she appreciated that I wasn't and always looked for ways to relate the mechanics of flute playing to other experiences, which really facilitated my enjoyment and learning."

Karen, an adult student